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EP25/Title: “Don’t Listen – Non-PCT Episode!!! Just Personal Talk with Dan & Chantal Feeling Good”

Date Published: January 18, 2023 / Length: 2hrs 7 Minutes / Hosts: Dan & Chantal Deveau / Guests: None /


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Show Notes:

  • 0:00 / Dan’s opening disclaimer that this is not a PCT episode. Skip it if you are just looking for PCT content.
  • 0:30 / This is the photo of our pizza box Dan grabbed a marker and in pigeon-scratch, he wrote down some stuff we could talk about.
  • 3:00 / Dan talks about the Banff Film Festival which Chantal and Heidi are coming up to Peterborough this weekend. Here is the world tour around USA and Canada. It’s excellent.
  • 4:00 / Chantal has a boyfriend. I’m looking forward to meeting him. Here are two photos below.
  • See Chantal… Dan really didn’t say anything… just wished him a Happy New Year. (Above are the “jammy-pants” we have since Dan has the same one.
Last year Dan was dog/house-sitting and the kids slept over and here is Dan’s matching jammy-pants. Dan is house-sitting this March and they will do a hot-tub episode.
  • Hey J… if you ever see this… looking forward to shooting hoops with me and Chantal.
  • 8:40 / Chantal announced to me that she wants to go to Europe this spring and I was telling her we need to save for this trip!! Here are our finances which we need to put into high gear!
Noah and Chantal in Prague in 2019
Look at how much Noah grew in 1 year
  • In 2019 Dan, Chantal and Noah went on an 18-day trip to Europe hitting Prague, Waterpark in Germany, Lisbon, Zurich, Innsbruck, Vienna and back to Prague to come home. They vlogged it on YouTube. the blog posts for the trip on Dan’s personal blog is here. Our goofy vlog is below:
  • 11:20 / Chantal went on a trip to Europe and hit England and Ireland with her Brother, Mom and her new guy. Chantal made a vlog below.
  • at the 1hr and 33min mark of this podcast is a repeat segment we had at the end of Episode 16 when Chantal talked to Dan about her trip to NYC and LAX/SFO in the summer of 2022.
  • Bellow is Chantal’s England/Ireland vlog.

Karen and Dan The Last Unicorn from Speed on Vimeo.

Chantal’s First 13 Years | Higher Love from Speed on Vimeo.

Some photos of Chantal:

Chantal shooting buckets
  • 14:40 / Car episode starts. They parked the car for the night since they were going to have a puff of something and they were stealth camping after the talk.
  • 15:00 / Here are all the links to Dan & Chantal’s socials.
  • 15:20 / Chantal has to tell her Mom about the PCT soon.
  • 16:10 / They talk about music / growing up with music and musical influences
Chantal was influenced by High School Musical
  • 16:26 / Dan inserts audio to add context about his split with his wife in 2012
  • 17:05 / Story of Dan’s HP Compaq being broken. A photo of what they looked like is below.

21:10 / Music is still being talked about and Dan is talking about how in 1989 he played basketball in high school and he blasted it at the courts.

Dan in High School

23:34 / Dan talks about his list of 101 Things To Do In 1001 Days. Here is the list. Here is his list talking about completing the task of buying $100 of music from artists he has never heard of.

23:55 / Chantal talks about her musical influences.

26:20 / Dan forced his Spotify Playlists on his kids since he had some playlists where he wanted them to listen to some older Rap and also some Indie Singer-songwriter stuff that he thinks is bangers.

Spotify desktop shows you what your friends were listening to. Dan freaked out when Chantal was at home listening to Ben Howard!

26:46 / Dan’s injection audio of the artists he loves, his old MP3 Mixtapes that you can download, his goal to listen to $100 of new music and how he fell in love with Passenger and Ben Howard.

29:15 / Dan talks about “Recieptify” and how you can download the Spotify songs you listen to the most.

29:44 / Dan loves old Bon Iver

30:15 / Dan wants you to listen to the new album from Monsters of Men and the Cabin Sessions

30:32 / Dan loves Caamp and Paper Kites and he wants to you listen to Leif from Montreal.

31:20 / Dan gushes about RRA for indie rock vibes with the Rural Alberta Advantage

32:16 / Chantal tells you that her artists are: Frank Ocean at #1 (Dan loves Frank) and SZA. For Rap she likes Lil Baby, Drake and her new artists she is loving are Sonder and Orion Sun.

36:09 / Chantal wants Dan to hurry up since they are still talking about music.

38:50 / Dan talks about his fave song happening right now which is from RRA. He had a gummy one night and had it on repeat so now Spotify thinks he is a complete fan girl of RAA. The photo shows it above that Feb 18th was the night.

39:50 / Chantal asks Dan what is his #2 song… and the same thing happened with a song from the RoadRunner movie from Brian Eno which Dan has on repeat.

LOL was another gummy night for dan playing song #3 above when he was feeling romantic and wished he had a girlfriend.

Dan then goes off about a video he made about Anthony Bourdain and Travel and it’s below. You will hear the song from Brian Eno starting off in the video.

47:40 / Dan talks about Movies and he has a list to reduce his IMDB watchlist by a whack.

50:18 / We talk about our trip to Europe again in 2019

57:13 / The silly convo turns to Fashion, Dan’s water shoes he wears since high school and Chantal’s drip of her thrift hauls.

Dan has an outdoorsy vibe with his North Face zip Chantal keeps her eye on if he falls over with a heart attack.
Chantal’s thrift haul in the golden hour in front of someone’s garage.

1hr 1m 45sec / Dan interjects with more context about him and Karen splitting, her using the kids against him after the split and Dan talks about the letter written to his 18-year-old self.

He will also segway into how his parents treated him… since the talk will then go into how Chantal was treated by us in regards to being strict or not and other silly banter.

1hr 33min / is a replay of Chantal’s summer 2022 recap of her trip to NYC and LAX/SFO

This was the tent they set up later that night… all stealthy in a forest in Peterborough. The next morning we recorded our “Answering Sue’s Questions” Episode.

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