Our Podcast | Episode 26 | The Ginger & The Joy – Wesley + Marie Black | 2022 NOBO PCT Thru-hike

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Episode 26: Date Published: Feb 1st, 2023 / Length: 3 hours 10 mins / Hosts: Dan Deveau with Guests Wesley & Marie Black

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Show Notes:

  • 0:00 / Opening violin theme song with our three sponsors
  • 2:37 / Audio taken from the 2022 video posted below about them hitting the trail in 2022. Dan talks about Alex Mantos who we interviewed from the same PCT Class. Since Alex and Wes + Marie both took off to Italy after the PCT. Alex’s episode can be found here.
  • You can find Wesley (Yeti Legs) and Marie (Basecamp) Black here on YouTube and here on Instagram.
  • 7:00 / They reference April. (AprilAllAround) on Youtube. Hey April… come on the podcast… We loved them on YouTube and how she started the 100 miles with her Dad. Loved them.
  • We then talk about beer. Chantal doesn’t like beer but we will have to find her a beer that she can enjoy off-trail in a trail town. If anyone would like to buy us a beer on trail you can find a link here.
  • We bounce around on different topics like trail depression, hikes in Europe, married life and a teaser of how they met each other… and some other things.
  • 15:45 / They talk about how they met on e-harmony. (love that) / Married 6 months after and then started saving for the PCT
  • 16:20 / Marie talks about them saving a good amount of money for the PCT but comments the PCT cost more than they budgeted. Sam and Moriah is the “doppelganger” Dan talks about how they made the video of how much the cost of the PCT is in their 2022 PCT hike. (video is below)
  • Dan & Chantal’s finances are listed here.
  • 20:20 / Dan asks when did they decide they want to do the PCT. Which is their first thru-hike.
  • They got engaged on Mt. Ranier. We will talk about that later in the podcast.
  • While listening to the episode. Dan thinks about this couple who went on a hike for a first date and ended up 4 days near Mt. Jacinto in California.
  • 25:50 / Dan asks about the early start date and they shift into talking about the Sierras and starting early… about forest fires about how the shift is to start earlier on the PCT to increase the chance of finishing. Thru-R is mentioned since they have had Ned Tibbits on the podcast talking about the Sierras and safety and the “secret season”
  • The talk continues about what it was like with the snow in the Sierras for them.
  • Dan asks them more about the desert section for them. About pace starting off. Routines and people that are new.
  • 36:40 / Dan asks them about what San Jacinto was like for them. They talk about Trevor “Microsoft” Laher. We had his Dad… Doug talking about Trevor. Dan also mentions the episode with the Daley Family hiking with their 3 kids hiking the PCT in 2022.
  • They briefly talk about zeroes about moving the conversation about KM and the Sierras. They talked about Sierra towns and resupplying and town culture.
  • 48:10 / Quick commercial about our social media handles. Which can be found here.
  • Still in Europe, Dan continues the talk.
  • 49:15 / They bounce over to river crossings, which freaks out Dan. Dan will be updating this post about the Sierras and its passes and rivers.
  • 55:45 / The place where they were staying in Italy shows up with food for them. We will stop the recording and continue on a couple of weeks ago while they are back in the United States.
  • Before this segment finishes they are still talking about the Sierras and rivers and snow bridges that cover the flowing rivers. Safety in numbers.
  • 59:40 / Dan talks about “Traildork” who hiked in 2019 and dislocated his shoulder falling through the snow over a snow bridge. Dan inserts an audio clip. His vlog is really well done.
  • 1h 2m 28s / Recording from Europe segment comes to an end. “Only The Wild Ones” by Dispatch closes out the episode.
  • 1h 3m 49s / Second segment starts. They catch up from Europe. / They went to Rome and jumped over to Ireland and then back to the USA for the beginning of December where they found an apartment as they settle back into the real world.
  • They talk about how they are starting to post on YouTube. They have been posting YouTube Shorts which are a min long. Dan talks about recording content that we want to post landscape on YouTube but also will have some portrait recording for TikTok and IG/FB stories/reels. On our blog, we will do a post about how we will capture the PCT for socials. They talk about how hard social media is hard from the PCT.
  • The talk shifts to Nor-Cal. They talk about the Flippers and Skippers. They talk about burn areas and a bit of the fear of forest fires.
  • Dan noticed they are starting a podcast 😉 It’s a new creation so give it a follow for when they start.
  • 1h 22m 58 / They talked about hitting the PCT Midway Mark and celebrating milestones.
  • They talk about swimming in all the lakes they passed. Dan wants to practise cold water therapy to get used to the cold water on the PCT.
  • 1h 27m / They talk about a 28-mile road walk and getting $10 left for them at an upcoming gas station for trail magic.
  • They talk about the Lionshead Fire closure. Decisions of what to do… since they wanted to keep their continuous footpath to Canada.
  • They talk about their 24-hour challenge to see how far they could go.
  • She talks about how she lost her wedding ring on the trail.
  • 1h 37m 35s / Audio clip from IG with Marie talking about how they got engaged on Mt. Ranier.
  • They then talk about the fires started happening and how people skipped ahead. How the bubble of hikers was clustered together now. They talk about the support from the community.
  • The conversation moves to Trail Magic.
  • 1h 46m 35s / Dan talks about WTF Walking Towards Fear with Christina & Andrew (recording now with them) and how they skipped all of Oregon with the fires and the race to the terminus later in the episode they were dealing with. Below is a great episode with Christina and Andrew talking about the first closing down of the Canadian Border at the Northern Terminus.
  • Wes + Marie touch on the fires again and the impact in Washinton for the people close to the finish of their 2022 PCT hike. They will cover this in more detail.
  • 1h 51m 43s / This segment will close as they are just about to talk about Washington. After a short commercial with Triple Crown Coffee, they talk about Washington and the finish. We inserted some audio from Instagram from them.
  • They talk about what goes do they have for Washington since the end is near.
  • They decided to slow down and enjoy the State.
  • They talk about it’s hard to get that perfect campsite along the PCT due to pace and daily goals… but they wanted to score some sweet spots for Washington.
  • They talked about their tent falling apart and how they had to get a new tent.
  • They talk about Goat Rocks.
  • They talk about trying to stay away from getting sick with Covid from trail towns or some other virus.
  • 2h 13m / They talk more about how they met and fell in love and Dan asks them more about how the engagement went down.
  • They talk about being in a relationship on trail and also hard on the person at home following their partner on the trail.
  • Dan asks them what impressed them more about each other and what they did on trail that rubbed them a little.

You will just have to let the end play and listen to the race to the border…

Thanks for listening.

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