Our Podcast | Episode 27 | From AT To PCT To Parenthood | Starcrunch (Pam) + Moss (Donovan) | 2022 NOBO PCT Thru-hike

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Episode 27: Date Published: Feb 11th, 2023 / Length: 2 hours 11 minutes / Hosts: Dan Deveau with Pam & Donovan

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Show Notes:

  • 0:00 / Audio clip from mile marker 50 on the trail.
  • 0:15 / Opening violin theme song with our three sponsors Triple Crown Coffee, Purple Rain Adventure Skirts and Thru-R then our opening song always playing before the guest… it’s from Dispatch with their song “Only The Wild Ones
  • Dan and Pam recorded this in December when they were in Flordia. Donovan could not be on the recording but he is in the next segment recorded in January.
  • 1:47 / Dan has a John Denver song in his mind when Pam mentions West Virginia. Dan went down a rabbit hole behind the scenes looking into John Denver.
  • They talk about how they met and how the AT came into their minds… then AT to the PCT that was put on their next hiking bucket list.
  • Donovan was inspired by the book: Bill Bryson – Walk In The Woods
  • They hiked the AT in 2019 before Covid hit their world being in the medical profession.
  • Moss proposed to her on the AT. Dan will talk more about that later with Donovan on the line.
  • 8:30 / Pam loved the PCT over the AT. They talk about the differences between the two long-distance trails.
  • 12:50 / Dan asks Pam if she knew he would propose on the AT. She goes into more detail on him playing it down to truly surprise her.
  • She talks about her trip up Katahdin for the summit and where he proposed to her.
  • 20:00 / They now start to shift into the PCT and talk about the desire to hike it. Donovan wanted to do the PCT next… get pregnant on it and one day hike the CDT with their kid. Their son is being named after Bill Bryson. (Bryson)
  • Dan also asks Pam if she bumped into the Daley Family hiking with their 3 kids hiking the PCT in 2022 who was on our podcast. They did in Hikertown.
  • 24:50 / Talked about the start of the PCT in April with Pam.

  • 25:56 / Dan talks about Catmando who he noticed on the PCT which Dan has met through Thur-r and the hiker meet-up zooms. Great guy. Pam talks about how they met and hiked together.
  • Dan talked via the Anchor App to Catmando and talked about them meeting up and hiking a good chunk in the desert together.
  • 37:17 / Dan and Pam continue to talk about starting the PCT in the desert section with talking about leaving Paradise Cafe around the 150-mile marker on the PCT. We talked about how cold the nights were with them. We talked about their sleep system since they were a couple on trail.
  • 38:40 / The gentleman Dan was talking about was Doug Walker who loved the desert section. Dan really enjoyed talking to Doug and his story. He got Covid on trail and his tramily had to end their hike and which forced him to head back home to Canada. Trail depression is a real thing. You can listen to his episode here.
  • 40:45 / The Backcountry Foodie can be found here. She will be on our podcast soon. Dan and Pam talk about if they did lots of prepackaged food on the PCT.
  • 43:10 / Thru-R Commercial
  • 43:49 / Donovan now enters the podcast that we recorded when they were back home.
  • 44:47 / Audio clip from their IG. Dan asks Donovan what his impressions of the desert are since he now is on the episode. Dan asks him how his body was holding up on the PCT.
  • 49:00 / Donovan mentions that when Pam went back home for a wedding for a little over 3 weeks… he takes off to Vegas.
  • 49:40 / Clip from the Hangover movie as the rat pack is heading to vegas
  • 50:28 / Before Donovan talks about hitting vegas. Dan asks him if they know where little Bryson was made. Donovan comments that they spent some time in Mexico too. Donovan then talks about the logistics of getting to Vegas.
  • 52:47 / We will get into Donovan being alone and battling the heat in the next segment. He was not doing well with the hot days in this section. Some clips from their IG are peppered into this section about how his condition was not doing well with the hot weather.
  • 54:46 / The heat in the desert section of the PCT can be dangerous.
  • 59:41 / Dan talks about a podcast about hydration. It’s excellent and a great deeper dive.
  • 1h 19m / Dan asks Donovan what was his Mt. Whitney summit like.
  • 1h 21m 30s / Dan asks them about their dog that passed away before the hike.
  • 1h 26m 40s / Dan asks Donovan if anyone in his trail family was suffering from the altitude going up Whitney. I ask Donovan about Maddie. We will do an episode about Altitude soon and talk about Maddie in Donovan and Pam’s PCT Class. Dan also mentions Doug Laher being on our podcast, which we will re-post again shortly. His son Trevor “Microsoft” Laher slipped and fell 11 days into his PCT hike.
  • 1h 33m 29s / Dan asks what the Sierras were like for Donovan.

Will let the rest of the episode play… we hope you enjoyed it! Will update you down the road about Pam and Donovan’s adventures!

Thanks for listening.

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