Our Podcast | Episode 28 | Mallory (Baja) & Luke (Babe) | 2022 NOBO PCT Thru-hike

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Episode 28: Date Published: Feb 08th, 2023 / Length: 2 hours + 23 minutes / Hosts: Dan Deveau with Mallory & Luke

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Show Notes:

  • 0:30 / Opening violin theme song with our three sponsors Triple Crown Coffee, Purple Rain Adventure Skirts and Thru-R then our opening song always playing before the guest… it’s from Dispatch with their song “Only The Wild Ones
  • 1:24 / Dan’s ramble and intro to the episode before we get started.
  • 4:50 / Segment starts and they are not that far on the map from Dan in Peterborough. Tobermory is on Dan’s bucket list. They are not that far away from it and that’s cool.
  • (Photo Above): Tim Horton’s is a big coffee shop here in Canada on every corner. They talk about how they met and their wedding. Here is the post that Dan was talking about them and the wedding after this clip on their IG that can be found here.
  • Dan talks about Magnet and finds out Mallory and Luke bumped into him and flip-flopped with him a bit. Magnet Northbound (AKA James) can be found on YouTube here. His videos are excellent with his visuals and storytelling. His Instagram account can be found here. His show notes for his episode are here: You can find his two episodes here. You can listen to his episode here for Part 1 and Part 2.
  • Here is the website/app that Dan was talking about that you can virtually hike trails around the world if you need a challenge.
  • The conversation talked about them deciding at the last minute to hike the PCT in 2022. We ramble on about all the things about starting off and as they make their way north starting out on the Pacific Crest Trail.
  • Dan also asks if they bumped into the Daley Family hiking with their 3 kids hiking the PCT in 2022 who were on our podcast. They did in Hikertown. David & Marketa Daley along with Marketa’s sister Barbora and the father of Marketa and Barbora is “Jedda” join us for episode 14. You can listen here. Marketa’s Instagram you can find here and it’s filled with incredible images and descriptions of the daily grind on trail.

It’s hard to type out these show notes at 1am.

Thanks for listening.

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