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EP3/Title: Daddy Likes To Talk – The Planning Continued

Date Published: Feburary 10th, 2021 / Length: 63 Minutes / Hosts: Dan & Chantal Deveau / Guests: None /

Topic/Summary: A longer introduction to the trail itself. This is part two of that long conversation and in this episode, we finish with the finances of the trail and the dangers. This is a two-part episode. Check out episode 2 if you have not done so. We are practicing using Anchor to record and using Audacity to edit. We distribute our podcast via Anchor where 9 different podcast platforms pick it up like Spotify, Apple, and Google. So find us where you listen to podcasts and follow to be alerted when a new one drops.

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Thanks for listening! We are working on lining up guests for interviews over the next couple of episodes. In the next episode, we will cover trail lingo and we will introduce to you someone who will be hiking with us in the first month.

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