Our Podcast | Episode 30 | Mayor Max, Idyllwild California | Speaking with Phyllis Mueller, Chief Of Staff

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Episode 30: Date Published: Feb 25th, 2023 / Length: 1 hour + 26 minutes / Hosts: Phyllis Mueller, Chief Of Staff for Mayor Max III

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Show Notes:

  • 0:01 / Audio clip from the movie “The Mayor” (Note: the password is “mayormax” to watch)
This little film was excellent and we used a couple of snippets to help tell the story of this podcast.
  • 0:28 / Audio from our episode with Mallory & Luke from episode 28
  • 1:32 / Opening violin theme song with our three sponsors Triple Crown Coffee, Purple Rain Adventure Skirts and Thru-R then our opening song always playing before the guest… it’s from Dispatch with their song “Only The Wild Ones
  • 2:10 / Episode starts after our always-used segway with the artist Dispatch with the song “Only The Wild Ones”
  • 2:50 / The episode starts and Phyllis is under the weather and recovering from home. The audio is a tiny bit glitchy. They talk about how they met. She talks about her getting dogs and how she moved to Idyllwild, California.
  • You can hit the Mayor’s website here. You can find them on Instagram here. You can hit them on Facebook here.
  • 7:45 / Audio clip from the film linked above “The Mayor” about how they entered the contest.
  • They talk about the process of joining the contest and having Mayor Max (The First) win and become mayor.
  • We talk about so many things and she talks about the 10,000 calendars she makes and sends out and gives away as a gift from the Mayor’s office.

Here is the Mayor’s Campaign Platform:

  • 12:00 / Phyllis talks about the passing of Mayor Max II that happened at the end of July 2022. She will talk about it more and how she and her husband.
  • Animal Rescue Friends of Idyllwild can be found here.
  • 30:00 / Dan asks Phyllis what is it like to live in Idyllwild.
  • We also talk about the different towns or cities that she visits when she needs more from the surrounding area.
  • We keep talking about different things… Not too many links in this episode. Enjoy it. It’s nice to listen to more of the backstory with her and her husband Glenny as Phyllis calls him.
  • 52:00 / Dan tells the story about Mike who messaged us and offered us to hang out in his summer home in Idyllwild when we hike. This would be an incredible offer and we would love to and hope we can connect more with him and
  • 54:00 / Another small audio clip from the movie “The Mayor” is listed above in this post. Check it out and don’t forget the password is “mayormax” to watch the movie.
Max II

Thanks for listening.

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