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EP5/Title: Trail Lingo

Date Published: September 8th, 2021 / Length: 56 Minutes / Hosts: Dan & Chantal Deveau / Guests: Heidi & Her Daughter Chloe /

Topic/Summary: In this episode, our goal is to introduce to our family and friends some words and terminology of the thru-hiking community. The first half of this podcast was recorded as school was finishing for the summer. Chloe joins us for this segment so there are four of us on the podcast. The second part was recorded in September after summer. Chloe could not join us for this segment.

We are practicing using Anchor to record and using Audacity to edit. We distribute our podcast via Anchor where 9 different podcast platforms pick it up like Spotify, Apple, and Google. So find us where you listen to podcasts and follow to be alerted when a new one drops.

Show Notes:

  • Chantal’s deactivated Instagram is now active as an update from a past podcast.
  • My nickname for Chantal is “Boo” since she was a baby.
  • 5:20 / Introducting Heidi and Chloe at 5:42 and getting to know her. (She is in the middle below with Heidi to the right and her other Daughter Emmie to the left)
  • 7:00 / Talking about the different PCT vlogs that I’ve really enjoyed. You can find them here.
  • 8:20 / HRC on the PCT is a vlog that Heidi and Chloe have been watching on the big screen at home. You can find them on YouTube here.
  • 9:05 / Dan is working some overnights at Home Depot for some extra money and also the 18,000 steps on work nights don’t hurt.
  • 9:50 / Trail Lingo Segment starts. We have a webpage that lists all the lingo as a glossary. You can find it here.
  • 17:15 / Cowboy Camping
  • 23:00 / A little more about Mt. Whitney and our attempt to summit this mountain.
  • 26:00 / First segment ends and then the second segment starts without Chloe. With the extended break in between episodes, we felt we should ask how each person is and what’s new.
  • 27:10 / Silent Lake Provincial Park in Ontario is where we went camping as a group. Heidi and I also went back to Silent Lake to hike the 16km loop with our packs.
  • 28:30 / Gypsy Moths who were pooping all over us at our campsite. We made a TikTok up at Silent Lake
  • 36:00 / Second intros are finished and we get back into more Trail Lingo.
  • 36:20 / We talk about taking a “Zeek” off trail. Then a segway into us possibly planning a “Trailcation” of spending some off trail time at Yosemite.
  • 36:50 / Our Patreon page where Michelle and Heidi and others are founding members. Hopefully Michelle can come out and meet us on trail. Look for her asking us questions in Episode 6.
  • 39:20 / Talking about trail tattoos. Heidi asks Chantal if she has any tattoos and we find out she has 6 of them. 4 more than her Dad knew she had. The whole show… I could not stop thinking of her tattoos.
Here is Chantal’s Angel Tat
And the Butterfly for self-growth. I could see her adding some colour to it.
  • 53:00 / Wrapping up the podcast and Chantal gives thanks to sponsors and our Patreon members.

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