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EP6/Title: “Our 2023 PCT Update, Welcome To Season 2 + Life and Holiday Updates”

Date Published: January 13, 2022 / Length: 53 Minutes / Hosts: Dan & Chantal Deveau / Guests: None /

Topic/Summary: In this episode, we wanted to give an update mostly that we have to push our 2023 hike of the Pacific Crest Trail to 2024 due to an error with when Chantal is finished school.

We have a long opening segment in this podcast as we catch up from the Holidays, New Year’s Eve and Dan reflects on the passing of his Dad this past November. He also reflects on his growing up and that he is the last one standing in his household.

Please make note of the times of the little “segment chapters” below if you want to skip forward or to a certain point in the podcast.

We are practicing using Anchor to record and using Audacity to edit. We distribute our podcast via Anchor where 9 different podcast platforms pick it up like Spotify, Apple, and Google.

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Show Notes:

  • 0:00 / Opening commercial from podcast sponsor Triple Crown Coffee
  • 0:39 / Opening funny… when watching virtually The Holeshoes 2015 PCT Hike on YouTube together online.
  • 1:08 / Podcast Violin Theme Song: Artist – Trampled By Turtles / Song: Wait So Long
  • 2:02 / Opening Remarks by Dan giving a heads up that our PCT Update is lengthy after our opening “catch-up” between the two of them. Providing them with the opportunity to jump ahead to a time marker if they want to bypass the opening greetings.
  • 4:07 / Podcast Segway Theme Song: Artist – Dispatch / Song: Only The Wild Ones
  • 4:31 / Greetings from Chantal and the starting of our Hello’s.
  • 5:55 / Dan’s Hello’s and answers Chantal on what his New Year’s Eve entailed.
  • 6:48 / A Moscow Mule Drink (Esquire Magazine Link)
  • 7:40 / Dan is down 30 pounds.
  • 8:13 / Dan’s Sexy Sounding YouTube Yoga Coach For The Big Screen TV
  • 8:38 / Dan talking about the passing of his Dad & his life timeline
  • 10:44 / Dan talking about Chantal being cute as a baby. Below are some photos showing how cute she was:
  • 13:00 / After the PCT Adventure with my Son on our 5-6 month roadtrip. (YouTube Teaser)
  • 13:50 / Dan talking about his IG post and we talk about her not getting the joke in the post’s description. (shown below)
  • 14:50 / Chantal and Dan’s talk about Jello Pudding and then bugging Chantal with her noisy podcast drinking
  • 16:08 / Chantal’s selfies she texted me to update her fans. (including the one in the IG post above)
  • 16:15 / Chantal’s Tattoo Update
  • 16:56 / Dan asks Chantal what was spinning on her Spotify Wrapped Summary of her listening of tunes.
  • 17:40 / Dan answers Chantal with Dan’s music summary.
  • 18:07 / Our PCT Playlist on Spotify
  • 18:30 / Dan’s new group that he is really digging is Blondes. (below is the song that started him to listen to more)
  • 19:00 / Dan asks Chantal to give the lowdown on her, her part-time job where she is a “bossbabe”, her fave Blizzard to make at work.
  • 22:00 / Chantal talks about what she is taking in school
  • 23:00 / Chantal talks about what she did for New Year’s Eve
  • 24:00 / Dan talks about our announcement about why we have to move our 2023 PCT hike to 2024.
  • 26:00 / The push to the following year impacts our Patrons on Patreon (we will talk more about this later in the podcast)
  • 26:50 / Pushing the trip also impacts Heidi since she was going to hike the PCT with us for the 1st month from Campo to Big Bear
  • 28:50 / Silverlining of pushing to 2024 is the Covid Pandemic still around and creating a bottleneck on the PCT at the moment and split into 2023.
  • 30:00 / The Wildfires impacting the PCT and especially in California in 2020 and 2021.
  • 33:00 / An idea of doing something in 2023 as a longer backpacking trip for two weeks. Giving us something to look forward to.
  • 34:10 / Chantal addresses how pushing the PCT trip by one year affects our Patrons and we ask them if they want to suspend their support for the year. We highlight our two biggest Patrons. Bethany… we are going to reach out to you and ask you to stop supporting us since you have done so much for us. Our savings and projected spending are located on this page on our website. It’s in the spreadsheet and the Patreon info is down in the spreadsheet at the bottom so use the sliders to scroll down.
  • 38:00 / We move to a quick break to end this segment with my Daughter.
  • 39:00 / Dan explains the summary of our podcast metrics (listeners and habits and location) and episodes recorded.
  • 43:15 / Dan explains our savings and investments and where our portfolio is invested. Which stocks, our returns and the market values of our investments. You can find all that information here. This segment goes to the 50:45
  • 44:00 / Our gear links from our LighterPack.com profiles can be found here.
  • 50:45 / Chantal returns to close out the podcast and gives her well wishes for everyone to have a great 2022 that is happy and healthy.

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