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EP7/Title: “Beyondblisters | Jen + Vince’s 2022 NOBO PCT Attempt”

Date Published: Feb 2nd, 2022 / Length: 1Hour & 35 Minutes / Hosts: Dan & Chantal Deveau / Guests: Jen + Vince From British Columbia, Canada /

Topic/Summary: In this episode, we wanted to do our first interview with someone that is hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. We interview Jen + Vince from British Columbia who is planning on hiking this year starting in March and going Northbound on the PCT.

The opening segment is with Chantal as they catch up and talk about what’s new with them and how the planning is going in the winter months. After the 20 min opening segment we move into the interview with Jen and Vince.

Please make note of the times of the little “segment chapters” below if you want to skip forward or to a certain point in the podcast.

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Show Notes:

Using these dollar store calendars to map out how each leg might take us and which towns we will nero or zero. This will help us calculate how much money we will need for “Town Days” and also how much on trail food might cost us.
Some of the yellow highlighted days are nero’s and zero’s for errands and resupply in town. I also write any mile markers that are interesting and also make notes of events or milestones or cool places to check out on different days.

19:00 / Here is the janky water source from their video that we talked about. (If anyone has tried this water source… send us a message and tell us what it’s like)

Show Notes Continued…

  • 20:00 We start to lead into a break and when we come back will be with our first guests hiking the PCT… which will be Jen and Vince from British Columbia / The song we used is 1000’s Miles From Nowhere.
  • 20:35 / Commercial break from one of our podcast sponsors Purple Rain Adventure Skirts.
  • 20:58 / Podcast Segway Theme Song: Artist – Dispatch / Song: Only The Wild Ones
  • 21:27 / Jen & Vince Sator’s 2022 PCT Nobo Hike Segment
    • Dan is the Host (Chantal is absent for this segment)
    • Jen is @BeyondBilisters on Instagram. Her YouTube Channel is here to update family & friends. Her husband Vince also has a YouTube Channel so they both will be making videos.
    • 23:00 Jen and Vince talk a little about them growing up and their experience outdoors and camping and hiking together after getting together and how they found out about the PCT and why they wanted to hike it.
    • Jen was inspired to do the PCT by watching the movie Wild.
    • 33:30 Vince talks about them going Nobo and we mention many times about the snow this year looks like it could be high compared to low snow years for 2020 and 2021. They talk about how they were going to go SOBO when they first started planning… and then changed their mind to go NOBO.
  • 37:46 Dan asks them about some of the backpacking trips that they did together for some of the longer trips that they have done. They mention a trip to Cape Scott Provincial Park in the northern part of Vancouver Island and how they overpacked like we all do when going on vacation somewhere. They hiked the North Coast Trail near Cape Scott PP and also on the mainland the Sunshine Coast Trail on the mainland.
  • 42:45 Dan talks about the Canadian website “The Last Hunt” where he has bought lots of gear and clothes for our PCT trip
  • 43:18 Dan asks them how many days away for the PCT and what date did they get. They wanted to go earlier. They got March 16th for their start date.
  • 45:40 Dan asks them what their goals are for the first month… with distance and pace and zeros. He mentions the Postholer Planner Website that helps people calculate pace.
  • 48:15 Dan talks about the larger than normal amount of snow that has fallen as of the beginning of January. He asks them about their outlook for it is on their hike. I’m sure people this year are stressing about it a little. Vince references the chapter on the Sierra from Yogi’s book, which is on my list to read. Vince talks more about some of the cold weather gear they will bring.
  • 53:15 Dan asks them about being an international hiker… what will they do with the Sierra Gear and will they carry it from the Mexican border or will they use the help of online friends to help. Dan talks about Trevor’s Accident and how this year Nomad Ventures helping hikers with “Trevor Spikes” with the safety and logistics of having the gear you need leaving the Paradise Cafe. More about Trevor’s Accident on the PCT in 2020.
  • 55:00 Dan asks them about how they will deal with the crazy heat of the desert section and the crazy heat wave last year for the classof2021.
  • 58:00 Dan talks about a great podcast episode that covers in great detail hydration and moving more into the episode it has great information to find that balance of water intake.
  • 59:00 Dan asks them about anyone on social media has inspired them. He also asks them about them documenting their trip via YouTube. Dan talks about a new film which is excellent and it’s called “The Art Of Walking
  • 1:02:30 Dan asks them about creature fear… spiders, snakes, bears and mountain lions. Vince segways into the fear of getting wet will equal getting cold. The viral video that they mention is here of the mountain lion.
  • 1:06:20 Dan asks them what their food strategy is, resupply ideas and mailed boxes and what they like to eat. Hot meals vs. Cold Meals.
  • 1:13:30 Jen says that she is not going to do the McDonalds Challenge.
  • 1:14:25 Dan asks them what will they use for Navigation on the trail
  • 1:16:00 Dan asks them who is more of the planner between them. Ask them what they use for reference to pull information from.
  • 1:18:00 Vince talks about them using Blue Cross for the insurance they purchased for the trips.
  • 1:20:00 Dan asks them what kind of tent are they using for the PCT. They went with the Triplex from Zpacks.
    • We also purchased a 3-man tent also.
    • Dan then asks them what they are bringing for backpacks.
    • Our gear list can be found here.
  • 1:24:30 Dan asks them who hikes faster between the two
  • 1:25:00 Dan asks them if they listen to music or podcasts when they hike
  • 1:27:30 Dan asks them who they are going to use for cellular service while in the United States hiking the PCT.
  • 1:29:00 Dan wraps up the segment and thanks Jen & Vince for coming on our podcast.
  • 1:32:00 Chantal comes back to close out the show and thank this Episodes Patron supporter who is Renee Deveau. We are thanking people from newest to oldest. Our Support Page on our website covers our projected expenses and also how much we have saved. If you scroll down on the spreadsheet you can see our Patron info on who has helped support our trip.

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