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Along the trail, you will find little gems and it doesn’t hurt to try and think of some to try. With a tab in google open… I searched out some challenges to see if Chantal was up for them. If you have one… please share in the comments and I will add it to this post. Plus, maybe we would think of our own and maybe inspire others to follow in our footsteps. Here is some that I found along the trail:

Big Bear, CA | The Buritto Challenge

Nuevo Vallarta Grill 7Lb Burrito Challenge / Big Bear, California

40949 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315, United States

My Notes: I think this place is the place to go. The Burrito’s look delicious. What’s another 2 pounds 😉

Sonora Cantina’s Big Juan 5Lb Burrito Challenge / Big Bear, California

Where: Sonora Cantina Mexican Restaurant

Address: 41144 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

Website: http://www.sonoracantinarestaurant.com

Type: Burrito / Price:$18 / Weight: 5lbs/2.28kg / Time Limit: 45 Minutes


– Free T-shirt / Picture on Wall of Fame

The Seiad Café Pancake Challenge / Seiad Valley, California

Not sure if the phone number changed, but her daughter is looking after the cafe now and she is welcoming hikers.

Where: Seiad CaféAddress: 44721 Hwy 96, Seiad Valley, CA 96086

Phone: 530-496-3360 / Website: http://www.facebook.com/SeiadCafe

Difficulty: 5 Stars

Type: Pancake / Price:$15.95 / Weight: 8.7lbs/3.96kg / Time Limit:2 Hours


– You must eat 5 large pancakes within a 2 hour time limit

– Each pancake is around 13″ in diameter and 1.4″ thick

– The full stack is 7″ tall weighing in around 8.7 pounds


– Free Meal / Picture on Wall of Fame

My Notes: I want to try it. I honestly don’t think I can eat almost 9 pounds of pancakes. I heard that only 3 people have completed it in 8 years. LOL Maybe I should eat 3 of them and Chantal can eat 2 of them. I challenge Chantal to eat half of them.

A 50 mile day in Oregon

Our notes: This actually sounds impossible. How many KM’s is that!!!! (I’m scared to look… so you look)

All of Oregon in 14 days

Our Notes: I have heard people fly through Oregon since the trail legs underneath them are firing on all cylinders. I don’t think it’s worth it. Not worth the risk in injury.

Hike 100 miles in 3 days.

Our Notes: I’m sure we should put this on our list. But, honestly… this is also crazy to think about realistically.

The sunlight challenge – catch every sunrise and sunset for a week straight.

Our notes: Challenge accepted. That sounds lovely.

McDonald’s Challenge: Cajon Pass to Wrightwood, California ~26 miles only eating McDoubles or Chicken McNuggets (or any food from Mickey D’s):

Our Notes: I’m scared to ask Chantal since she will say yes. If you just want to do the challenge eating anything from the McDonald’s menu that works too. Youtube video showing the challenge.

Hike In Dresses:

In Elena’s PCT vlog some guys in her trail fam picked up some summer dresses to hike in. LOL it looked funny and Chantal would piss her pants watching me hike in a floral summer dress.

Take A Selfie Everyday On The Trail:

If you stitch all those selfies together you can make a quick flickering video of the transformation of your face during the trail. Here is another one on YouTube. Selfie of 4 pairs of shoes hiked as a timelapse.

One Second Every Day Video Montage:

No Shaving On The PCT – Beard Growth

Video below shows the growth over the trail in 28 seconds:

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