PCT Class Of 2022 Could Be About The Kids

Last year it was “LittleFoot” on the trail in the Class of 2021 which was awesome. I interviewed Mandy from Purple Rain Adventure Skirts on our podcast for Episode 10. They just set off Northbound on the PCT with her partner and her son who is almost 6. His trail now is “Bedtime”. You can listen to my interview with Mandy on our podcast and here are the show notes of the episode.

Below: Marketa and David Daley with Sequoia (almost 5), Joshua (3.5) and Standa who is almost 2 and is getting a ride with Mom.

So wild… I can’t imagine. I love checking Instagram daily and checking in on them. The photos are so so sweet. Who knows how far they will go. The two parents are wild for trying this. Such cool memories and as they get older… you can see them doing it again and they will finish. If they don’t… who cares. The memories are incredible.

Give them a follow on Instagram here.

Dirtbag Family Hikers:

New vlog for me with a Mom and her two kids hiking the PCT. It’s a crazy dynamic managing kids on a trail like the PCT. Being a parent… makes these vlogs more interesting imagining it was my daughter and son at that age.

You can follow them on YouTube here.

You can listen to Marketa & David Daley talk with us about what it’s like hiking the PCT with 3 small kids. View Here.

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