PCT Long Documentaries + Movies

Here is a list of longer documentaries and trail videos by PCT hikers. This will grow as new movies are added. At the top are some of the highly recommended features:

As It Happens | by Andy Laub Films | 96min

Only The Essentials | by Wild Confluence | 39min

Thruhiker | by Wildstray | 21min

To Measure A Mile | by Chris Carter | 75min

A Year Of Fire + Ice | by Homemade Wanderlust | 120min

Northbound | by Calvin Weibel | 44min

5 Months | by Zach Rotondo | 90min

John Amorosano’s 2014 PCT Thru-Hike | 87min

A Journey To Be Present | by Paul Borash | 52min

View here on YouTube

Here is my comprehensive list of Vlogs, Longer Docs and Short Docs on the PCT >>> here.

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