PCT Vlogger | PCT Panda 2019 hike

PCT Panda’s 2019 hike (Which he is still editing): YouTube Playlist Link / He has currently finished the hike and editing the videos. As of November 2020, he has 7 videos and they are really well done. Each video averages about 7 min’s each and you need to subscribe to him and sit down and watch his first videos. My YouTube playlist gets updated with each video when it drops.

Preston Bailey can be found on IG here. He finished in October of 2019. During his hike, he got injured and had to step off-trail for 3 weeks. When getting back on trail he had to hurry to Canada to finish. He said on Reddit that he had some hiker depression after finishing and looking at the footage is hard to get back in the swing of things with hammering out videos. Looks like he is also busy doing some editing for Darwinonthetrail.

Hopefully he gets back on the bandwagon and finishes publishing his hike.

Here is a list of PCT Vloggers we recommend to screen on your TV one evening.

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