PCT’s Famous McDonalds | The Challenge

McDonald’s Challenge: Cajon Pass to Wrightwood, California ~26 miles only eating McDoubles or Chicken McNuggets (or any food from Mickey D’s):

Our Notes: I’m scared to ask Chantal since she will say yes. If you just want to do the challenge of eating anything from the McDonald’s menu that works too. YouTube video showing the challenge which is below showing Zach Rotondo getting 27 McDoubles for the 90-mile challenge between resupplying in the next town. Reading the comments someone asked him how many miles per McDouble and he thought it was one every 3-4 miles.

Some people only do McNuggets or just McDoubles. You have to factor in the condiments that will make it wet and gross… so some people just get pickles on the McDoubles and they get ketchup packets and other condiments like BBQ or Honey Mustard sauce to put on them to give it a different flavour.

It’s a wild thing since even though it’s McDonald’s… we will be thinking of it for two weeks walking towards it. it will take us such a long time to get to it.

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