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Episode xx – “The Fowler – O’Sullivan Foundation

Episode xx – “Montezuma Market 2.0”

Episode xx – “Walking Towards Fear (Knuckles + Powerplant) / PCT2022 NOBO Hike While Podcasting

Episode xx – “Carol Coyne + Thru-r”

Episode 32 – “Tori & Macy PCT 2023 | No Trace Trails – Trail Trash Survey”

Season One:

  • Episode 5 / “Trail Lingo” / Episode’s Show Notes / Released Sep 8th, 2021 / Duration 58 minutes / Hosts: Dan + Chantal w/ Guests: Heidi and her daughter Chloe / Summary: This is broken down into two segments and we cover words of the Thru-Hike Glossary and see if each other knows the words. The first segment was recorded when summer was starting and the second half was recorded in the fall with Chantal starting school
  • Episode 4 / “The Chaperone” / Episode’s Show Notes / Released Apr 28, 2021 / Duration 28 minutes / Hosts: Dan + Chantal w/ Guests: Heidi / Summary: We introduce Heidi, who will be joining us for the first month of our hike. She will start in Campo and her goal is to get up to Big Bear. Short Episode
  • Episode 3 / “Daddy Likes To Talk” – The Planning Continues / Episode’s Show Notes / Released Feb 10, 2021 / Duration 63 minutes / Hosts: Dan + Chantal / Summary: We start to find our groove with making podcasts and I giggle at our banter. We continue where Episode 2 left off and cover the logistics of the trail and move into our fears and dangers on the trail.
  • Episode 2 / “Oh Ya! Get Me The Spork” – The Planning / Episode’s Show Notes / Released Jan 26, 2021 / Duration 67 minutes / Hosts: Dan + Chantal / Summary: Episodes 2 + 3 are huge and break down the trail to family and friends covering what makes up the trail, the effort to hike it, resupply with food, town days, the money needed to hike it, fears + dangers.
  • Episode 1 / “It’s Not Hard… You Just Talk” / Episode’s Show Notes / Released Jan 5, 2021 / Duration 20 minutes / Hosts: Dan + Chantal / Summary: Just a quick hello and a short introduction to us and who we are and why we have decided to attempt the biggest hike of our old + young lives.

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We have hikers that we want to contact and ask if they would like to join us online and talk about planning, hiking and attempting a long thru-hike. We also have to record them which we have been slow to do. We hope to get through some interviews this Fall / Winter and we will ask others to the “coming soon” list as we line them up to actually record soon. 🙂

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How we are making our podcasts: Using the Anchor App we are finding it one of the best ways to start and share a podcast across all platforms like Apple, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. We will get a good quality mic like the Rode VideoMic for the trail to capture sound for our Vlog and podcasts. For editing and post-production, we are using Anchor + Audacity (which is a great free program)