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A Long Walk North:

We wanted to launch a podcast of the planning we will do beforehand on different topics and hiking the PCT itself by recording audio using our phones from the trail. It will allow us to explain the journey in greater length/detail describing how we are feeling and giving you a better look into the section of the trail we are hiking.

Individual Episodes:

Future Episodes & Guests:

We will be interviewing PCT Section Hiker Laura AKA @we_need_wilderness on IG and TikTok about her sections she has hiked and her passion for storytelling. We will interview Dignity who goes by “Traildork” on Youtube and social media who hiked it in 2019. We also have two people lined up who is hiking the PCT in this year… one NOBO and one SOBO. More to follow… but podcasts will happen on the regular now 😉

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How we are making our podcasts: Using the Anchor App we are finding it one of the best ways to start and share a podcast across all platforms like Apple, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. We will get a good quality mic like the Rode VideoMic for the trail to capture sound for our Vlog and podcasts. For editing and post-production, we are using Anchor + Audacity (which is a great free program)