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Above: Backpacker Radio – Girl Stuff 2.0 (Hygene, Tips, General Info, Apparel, Etc)

A great listen at 2.5 hours that is pretty funny and will give you some good advice

Time stamps & Questions

00:04:10 – Treasure Hunt: Find Zach’s socks to win a green juice travel pack from Organifi and a new pair of socks. Check out instagram for sock location!  

00:05:52 – QOTD: What’s your favorite part of being a lady backpacker?

00:09:53 – Introducing Lavender

00:12:30 – What tips do you have for hiking alone and staying safe? 

00:15:59 – Can you address how you’ve felt safety-wise, while backpacking?

00:24:54 – Lavender, what was your solo travel experience prior to the AT?

00:25:22 – How do you answer the question ‘Are you hiking alone?’? 

00:27:27 – Elise, how do you assess whether someone is a danger to you or not?

00:30:38 – Have you ever hiked with groups or individuals you’ve met online?

00:33:32 – How do you get a significant other more comfortable with sleeping outside? 

00:35:18 – How do you overcome the fear of sleeping alone? 

00:37:37 – Any recommendations for curly hair when you’re on trail? 

00:39:48 – Are cleaning wipes necessary? 

00:41:05 – Is there a specific brand of cleaning wipes you’d recommend?

00:42:41 – How do you approach your skincare routine on the trail? 

00:43:26 – What was your hygiene routine the first few days on trail vs. the last days? 

00:46:03 – Have any of you used the backcountry bidet? 

00:47:33 – How is the pee rag? 

00:50:57 – How do you deal with coochie stink? 

00:55:13 – Would you shave your head before a thru-hike? 

00:56:42 – What is an undercut? 

00:57:50 – How do you pee in a bottle without a cone?

00:63:01 – Do levels of horniness ever compare to levels of hunger on the trail? 

00:66:13 – Is the trail a good environment for someone who is especially horny? 

01:08:33 – Lavender, when you are hiking SOBO, how many others are starting within a day of you, in either direction? 

01:12:32 – Do you bring sex toys on trail? 

01:13:46 – What do you do to alleviate the horniness? 

01:14:46 – Did you know anyone who brought toys on the trail? 

01:17:57 – What’s your favorite “girly” items you can’t live without? 

01:18:26 – What luxury items can you not live without on trail? 

01:19:58 – What can guys do to normalize girl stuff on trail? 

01:21:22 – Do you feel like you need to hide feminine products? 

01:22:56 – How did you handle PMS on the trail? 

01:23:22 – Do your levels of PMS symptoms change when you’re on trail vs. off trail? 

01:25:10 – What birth control do you use on trail? Check out our first Girls Stuff episode for more conversation on this. 

01:26:06 – How do you encourage other girls to backpack? 

01:28:19 – Do you have people trying to meet up with you on the trail when you are public with your location? 

01:36:08 – How do you deal if you’re always cold? 

01:40:14 – What are the best underwear and bra brands to avoid chafing and wedgies?

Backpacker Radio – Girl Stuff (Older and first episode)

Covers many things like pee rags, periods, birth control, creepy guys, sex and hygiene and other odds and ends. This episode is almost 3 hours and also a good listen when out on long training hikes.

Female Tips From 2Foot Adventures (below)

Pee Rags by Hike Oregon has a 8 min video on YouTube here.

Pooping & Peeing In The Woods: (below)

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