California Section B (Sec B Total Distance is 100 mi/170km) between Warner Springs, CA AND Interstate 10 (Cabazon, CA)

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Our Notes:

Side Trip Summit

After getting on the trail, we would love to summit this mountain if the conditions are not too dangerous.

  • This section is 30 miles and most likely will take us 3 days to complete.
  • You will see us leave Idyllwild below on the elevation grid to the far right and how we will descend to the desert floor basically. Down from 8,000 feet.
  • From what I have seen online that descending down as this sucks and it’s no fun. lol

This Leg stops at the 209-mile marker.

  • We will probably make it to about the 187 mile marker to set up camp or to Fuller Ridge Trail-head Campground at the 191 mile marker for the first day. The second day we will try and go far as we can and camp and the 3rd day we will go as far as we can as we move into the next leg and start to head up again.
  • Doing research on what’s at Interstate 10 and what’s in Cabazon to the west. There is a big outlet mall and if you wanted a burger… see further below…

Mileage Markers / Elevation:

  • You will see us leave Idyllwild above on the elevation grid to the far right and how we will descend to the desert floor basically. Down from 8,000 feet.
  • Then the next we climb back up close to 9,000 feet towards Big Bear after crossing Interstate 10 at the end of this leg. Leg 6 runs from mile marker 180 to the 209 mile marker. Leg 7 is between 209-266. Leg 8 is between 266-342.

Towns/Points Of Interest Along This Section:

LOL there is none. You are just hiking to Interstate 10 where you can hitch into Cabazon or keep going.


  • Cabazon on Google Maps (link)
  • Cabazon Outlets (website) I don’t think we will need anything.
  • Five Guy’s & Fries or McDonald’s. No thanks… what I want is below…

Except for… wait for it….

In & Out Burger

(Being Canadian… we need to taste them) We will need to hitch in to pick up some burgers to sample.

But… where to sleep ??? lots of people pitch a tent under the Interstate and can’t sleep due to the highway noise. Could camp 10 more miles ahead around mile marker 219.

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