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Hey Look Chantal… We are in the 5’s

Always crazy to think that when I asked Chantal if she wanted to try to attempt this… we were close to 1,200 days away.

Camping & Hiking At Charleston Provincial Park | Sep 25 to 27th

This past weekend, Heidi and I headed to Charleston Provincial Park for two nights to test out the gear again and do some hiking. Chantal couldn’t come due to working and school.

A little bit of Thanksgiving to try and cook in our pots. Started with some instant stove-top stuffing mix and put in some instant mashed potatoes along with sliced bacon jerky and some flakes of turkey and mixed it all around with some boiling water to hydrate the potatoes and stuffing and gravy mix. I made some turkey gravy and poured it on along with some fried onions for some crunch at the end.

Three bags of wood was good for each night’s fire. We just cooked and sat around the fire and hit the sack around 9:30 pm on night one. In the morning we made oatmeal with dehydrated strawberries and apples for breakfast and cleaned up and got ready for our hike around the 12km loop.

At the 6 mile marker on Dan’s Garmin watch, we stopped recording the metrics with one more mile to go due to the battery on Dan’s watch was low and he didn’t want to lose the data. So the metrics were for the first 6 miles of the hike that covered 80% of the trail.
3 hours of actual walking to cover the 6 miles. We took more breaks than silent lake and without any bugs, it was easier to take a rest and we took advantage and cooked and made lunch on the trail. Heidi made a wrap and Dan boiled some hot Ramen.
Not as many floors up compared to hiking silent lake.
It was nice and cool. We were not cold at all. Both wore day packs.

We will plan another hike and this time it will be the three of us and we will only pack our packs for our supplies and practice on making everything fit including food and water. This time, we were toasty in our bags, so it would be nice to test out our sleeping bags in colder weather. We had rain and no leaks. I forgot my groundsheet for my tent. It’s a great park and it would be nice to visit again. We didn’t get in the water to swim since the day had a “fall chill” to the day with no Sun heating it up. It’s a nice park to visit and the backcountry sites would be cool to hike into. I’m sure they are hard to secure.

Podcast Listener Reached Out

Really nice message from someone near San Diego. LOL I’m always asking everyone to come with us. He has a little one that would make it tough. Hopefully, we can go out to lunch with his family when we touch down in California and spend a couple of days getting set up and going shopping for resupply food and some odd’s and ends.

Nights at Home Depot for cash has come to an end…

Nights are hard. Hours at Home Depot were dropping. I did appreciate the walking it takes and also the sweat equity. I need to replace that activity.

Updated Numbers On Podcast Views:

Still blows my mind that people would listen to us. I’m excited since we are just about to start interviewing people that have hiked the PCT. The hard part is working with my Daughters schedule. Excited to talk to hikers and learn more about their thru-hike.

“Little Foot” who is 4 years old just finished hiking the PCT. Crazy to think about!

You can see a little more about Little Foot here.

This hiker below is living in 2030. What a great idea for a long wait at the airport. Had to share.

One of Chantal’s friends emailed us $20 in the middle of the night.

So sweet of him to do so. Blew me away. We took the $20 and invested it with some stock of GDNP for 27 shares. We show how we track it below and where you can find it on our website.

If you hit our “Raising $” page on our website here. You can scroll down to our spreadsheet to see our savings and also people that have helped along our planning process. If you scroll down in that spreadsheet you will get to the blue section and you can see how we will list people that have made a donation like Tommy.

You will see that we selected his $20 to go to Chantal for lunch in town. It shows we bought the 27 shares of the stock GDNP at the price we got. Below you can see that the $20 has grown to $25 bucks.

Since we are talking about our finances… here is a snapshot of our current stock portfolio as of Oct 14th shown below.

You will see that we also track our stocks that if they get to previous highs in the past year as shown as our “Target Stock Price” shown in red below… then what that extra growth will be. Since stocks worldwide is down with covid concerns as well as supply chain issues affecting manufacturing and delievery of goods to stores.

We are excited and confident in our stock picks for the next 1.5 years out. As we move closer to our goal we will move stocks in less volitile stocks and minimize short term risk. Our portfolio is broken down into two TFSA plans. One for me and one for Chantal. Mine (Dan’s) TFSA is below showing our growth since we started investing Jan 6th, 2021. Chantal’s market value of her TFSA is $416 currently.

Not everything we have bought has gone up or held it long enough to find out. Below is all our positions currently held and also positions we have sold. You can see what things have had a gain or loss. Unrealized gains and losses is the stock we currently hold. Realized = postions we have sold. Sorry for all the confusing spreadsheet stuff. Just wanted to paint a accurate picture of our investing history with our savings. Some things we have sold at a loss since we wanted to move that money into a stock we wanted to ride a dip more and wait for it to recover.

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