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Since Section H through the Sierra’s has many exit points and trails that you can hike out of the Sierra’s if you need to get into town to resupply or need rest or nurse an injury there are some different towns. Some don’t offer much. You can easily take a bus from Lone Pine to go North to Independence and farther to Bishop. Links above to get back to the right trail notes you came to this post from.

Below is info for some different towns. Don’t forget to check Guthook/Far Out for current hiker comments on towns, places to stay and places to eat and resupply. You could also check Google Maps and Trip Advisor apps on your phone.

Lone Pine:

  • Located 16 miles south of Independance, CA. Very small town with a population a little over 2,000 people.
  • Sierra Bus Information, routes & schedules, Sierra hikers, connections for thru‐hikers Bishop Dial‐a‐Ride is 760‐873‐1901 YARTS schedule is different.  See
  • Food: Carl’s Jr, Taco’s Los Hermanos Food Truck, Pizza Factory, McDonald’s
  • Places To Stay: Whitney Portal Hostel 4.5/5 Google Stars, Trails 4/5 G.S. (has laundry), Dow Villa AAA Motel 4.3/5 G.S., Mount Whitney Motel (with Pool) 3.6 G.S. (Up near the top of the map above) looks like a fun place to stay.
  • HRConthePCT stayed at Hidden Valley Ranch that looks pretty cool.

HRConthePCT’s video from K.M. to Lone Pine and staying at Hidden Valley Ranch below:


Lone Pine is just to the South of Independence. Might be better to go there to resupply if we want to spend a night off-trail. Need to research more when we get closer to hiking. Could also bus to Bishop.

  • Places to stay:
    • Courthouse Motel – Wifi. Laundry is $10. Has list of people who give rides to Onion Valley. Very hiker friendly. Ice Cream shop is close by. Across from the courthouse.
    • Winnedumah Bed & Breakfast: $120 a night. Old and dated. Gives breakfast… but better to go with the Courthouse or Mt. Williamson.
    • Mt. Williamson Motel & Basecamp is very hiker friendly with Emaleigh and Lauralynn who own it. Free Cold beer on arrival $140USD a night and $15 laundry. Hiker box on premise. Cottages are cozy. The offer rides for $40 (if staying overnight) a person from the Onion Valley Trailhead since hitches are hard. to obtain current information and resupply services. Most rooms sleep 4.
    • Rays Den – Super friendly.
  • Food: Mexician Food Truck called Glenn’s Taqueria looks yummy and little place to sit inside. Port of Subs is worse than Subway. Chevron has more food than the Shell Gas Station.
  • Wifi: Free Library in the bottom floor of the courthouse. Closes at 5pm weekdays and maybe closed on weekends.
  • Post Office: Careful, some Amazon packages go to Bishop.
  • Transit: Eastern Sierra Transit will take you to Lone Pine for $3.50 or Bishop for $6.50 among other places.
    • Guthook Comment: Paul 760.878.8047 offers rides from Indep. Post Office to Onion Valley Campground for $10 + tip


It’s the largest town in Inyo County with a population nearly 4000. It’s known for rock climbing. It has lots of services. Visit the City Park Visitor Ctr which is super helpful for Bishop info.


  • Guthook comments the Bowling Alley has great food with Burgers and Ribs… and hey… go bowling.
  • Erick Schat’s Bakkery (Website) Town: Bishop, CAAddress: 763 N Main St, Bishop, CA 93514Phone number: 760-873-7156 What it’s known for: A ridiculous amount of baked goods to choose from, including a colossal day-old section for cheap, delicious cookies, breadsticks, muffins, and more. Standout meals: Focaccia bread with tons of variety, including cheddar jalapeno, and bacon. They also serve sandwiches, pot pies, soups, and more.
  • Holy Smoke BBQ – Maybe not worth the money if you are really hungry.
  • McDonalds, Taco Bell, KFC, Carl’s Jr on the main strip.
  • Looney Bean Coffee / great cold brew / nice place to sit andchill

Places to stay in Bishop:

  • Hostel California – Great place to stay. Great hiker box:
    • Private rooms with a private bathroom start at $60-$100 plus tax and dorm beds are available for $25 plus tax. All rooms include towels and linens, freshly folded so you know they’re clean.  All Hostel California guests also have access to our fully equipped kitchen, free coffee, loaner bikes, and crash pads.
    • Dorm Rooms Our dorm beds are the most comfortable and affordable option in town. They offer a fun, social atmosphere for travelers looking to meet like minded people. – Includes linens and a towel – In room bathroom – PCT Hiker Trash Special – 18 and over only
  • Eastside Guest House: Bunk Room Sleeps 6 –
    • Also private rooms and little cottages
    • $35 bunks or $60 for two people in shared room and bunks have usb and $5 laundry (2021) / has free hiker bikes, lots of outlets / loaner clothes for laundry / Von’s is a 10 min walk.
    • (760) 784-7077 777 North Main St, Bishop, CA 93514
  • J Diamond Mobile Ranch has grass to tent to save money. /
  • Creekside Inn has wifi, hot tub and pool.
  • Econolodge is now Red Roof Inn, rooms have frig and micr.
  • La Quinta is now Cielo Hotel

Bishop Post Office: General Delivery held for 30 days.  If you want to bounce a box ahead, the Bishop Postmaster requires you to either file a package intercept or go to the PO in person.  You cannot bounce a box by phone.

Bishop Resupply:

  • Von’s and Grocery Outlet for groceries and also a Kmart near the Grocery Outlet to the north.
  • Gear: Sage to Summit (altra, injinji, fuel) smaller than eastside. Good selection of ultralight stuff / Gear Exchange has used stuff to save money and they have some new gear. they moved down the street / Wilson’s Eastside Sports has a REI feel, great selection best hiker store in town /

Muir Trail Ranch: (website)

Since the 1950’s people have used the Muir Trail Ranch for resupplying and mailing a box for them to pick up. They have a small store with some essentials. People can send you mail to pick up and they can help you mail some mail out back to family and friends.

  • send your boxes about 3 weeks before you arrive. hit the website for more info about resupplying with them. $75 cost to hold up to 25 pounds. They have a hiker box but only allow people to check it if they have paid to hold a resupply package. Some hikers skip this resupply point due to the cost.
  • Or send us a letter. Our address during the vacation season (June through September) is: Muir Trail Ranch / P.O. Box 176 / Lakeshore, CA 93634
  • There is an assortment of Hot Springs to try out. Ask them about using them.
  • The Ranch is about 2 miles from the PCT

VVR (Vermillion Valley Resort): (website)

On Lake Edison.

At VVR we’re committed to providing superior services tailored to the needs of day-hikers, overnight and long-term backpackers, and PCT/JMT through-hikers . Since we began serving the hiking community in 1994, we’ve worked to upgrade our array of hiker-specific services and we continue planning for future additions based upon our hiker’s input.

Our regular services include restaurant, grocery store, motel, tent cabins and marina. Hiker supplies, including white gas/denatured alcohol by the ounce, many food options, and limited clothing are available, as well as hot showers, laundry telephone, and Internet access.

VVR Hiker Services – PCT and JMT Hiking

VVR Showers and Laundry

We provide showers and laundry service to anyone at VVR. Showers are available for $7.00 per person, and include soap and a towel. Laundry is $7.00 per load, and includes the soap. Showers are included in room rentals, and in the Yurt rental.

VVR Hiker Campground

We offer two nights in the Hiker Camping area for free or on a first come first serve basis you can rent a comfortable bed in our Hiker Hostel tent. Charge is $15.00 and includes clean mattress cover. In addition, we provide various accommodations at VVR, ranging from a stay in our comfortable Yurt, to a motel room complete with shower and kitchenette, to trailers with full kitchens and bathrooms.

VVR Transportation

Our ferry boatThe Edison Queen, travels on the lake from approximately June 1st to October 1st depending on the backcountry snow conditions and our visitors requirements. It runs seven days a week with special departures upon request. The boat dock at the mouth of Mono Creek, is less than a mile from the main PCT/JMT trail.

VVR Resupply

They offer a Resupply Package Service for those planning to stop over at VVR to resupply. In addition, we maintain Hiker Barrels for hikers who wish to leave extra supplies or who are in need of supplies when they reach our resort.


At VVR, we have provided Internet access via satellite for those hikers who need to check their email or upload blog entries for the trail. In addition, we have VOIP service for calls home, and AT&T cellular coverage from the beach.

In addition, we offer several charging stations (free) so that your electronic devices can be recharged.

VVR Tent Camping

Vermilion Valley Resort™ provides tent camping for thru-hikers only. For all others, there are large campgrounds located around VVR, including Vermilion Valley Campground which is located adjacent to the resort.

Please note that the campgrounds around Mono and Edison Lake are open for campers once Kaiser Pass Road opens for the season. Spaces are available on a first-come first serve basis with limited services (camp host, water etc.) until early June when the reservation system kicks in and camp hosts arrive. If you need water you can go to either Mono Hot Springs Resort or the Vermilion Valley Resort on Lake Edison.  To ensure your reservation for this year, please give us a call at 559-259-4000. For all other inquiries, please contact us .

PCT/JMT Self-resupply at VVR

ALERT, Effective Immediately: we are asking people to Track their boxes/buckets to either the Postoffice for mail; or China Peak Landing for Fed-X/ UPS. If you have confirmation that is has been delivered then it is in the queue to be brought up to VVR. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE YOU TO CALL China Peak Landing THE POST OFFICE OR VVR TO CHECK ON YOUR RESUPPLY. Our warehouse lease was threatened at China Peak Landing because people were calling them looking for their box. They do not have access to your resupply. If you do call they will capture your name give it to us and we will add a penalty charge of 25.00 to your pick-up fee. If you follow our directions and timeline your resupply will be here. If you don’t follow our directions then it is on you if your resupply did not arrive and get processed on time. Thank you to all the hikers who get it and do it correctly.

The Vermilion Valley Resort offers a Resupply Package Service for hikers travelling the John Muir Trail / Pacific Crest Trail. Packages can be mailed either UPS/Fed-X or U.S. Mail.

First Day to pick up a resupply will be May 20th 2021

Last day to pick up a resupply will be October 20, 2021

Help us reduce YOUR cost by following the simple instructions below. Please understand that not following the instructions could result in additional charges, or worse – your resupply being returned!

VVR Fuel

There is normally no need to send fuel in your resupply. We carry the most common fuel canisters as well as alcohol and white gas in the VVR store. If you have an unusual fuel canister, or one that is sold outside the United States, please call VVR at 559-259-4000 to ensure we have the canister or fuel you need.

VVR Packaging Rules

  1. Packages are limited to 25 pounds each. ($10.00 surcharge for overweight boxes)
  2. Your name and Estimated Arrival Date must be clearly visible on 4 sides of your package.
  3. You may use either a box, or a bucket to send your package, as long as it doesn’t exceed 25 pounds.

Hit the website to get the exact address to use depending on who the shipper you are using.

VVR Resupply Handling Fees

There is a $30.00 fee for pickup and storage of each package, collected at the end of your visit. (June – October)

We accept credit cards or cash, payable when you pick-up your resupply.

The fee for Packages scheduled for a May pick up is $50.00 the October PIck-Up fee is $50.00

There is a $10.00 charge PLUS postage per item to mail packages of excess items home from VVR.

Your unclaimed package can be returned to you for $35.00 plus any postage. Simply call us with a credit card number, or send a check to cover the fees.

VVR Timing your Resupply Package

VVR at Edison Lake is approximately two hours from the nearest U.S. Post Office or the U.P.S. drop point. Because of this we only pickup packages once or twice a week. Keep this in mind when planning your package arrival date.

Please be sure that you send your package to arrive 10-14 days before YOU arrive!

If you must send it within 2 weeks of you arrival, be sure to send it via UPS to ensure that it will arrive in time.

Hiker Resupply boxes can be sent for pick-up between approximately May 15th and Oct 15th every year. Opening date depends on the plowing and opening of our road. Closing date depends on the weather in October. Note that these are APPROXIMATE dates only. If you plan on resupplying close to opening or closing, please contact us directly to ensure we’ll be open.

Please note: Packages are limited to 25 pounds each. Any packages left or not picked up by the specified date, will be held 30 days unless special arrangements are made. After that time period, at our discretion, we will place the food in a hikers box for other hikers in need of extra supplies at no charge.

Please put your name and expected arrival date on all sides of the box – it helps us store your box properly, and then identify it quickly once you arrive!

VVR Hiker Barrel Rules:

We place two Bear Boxes outside the store for hikers to place or donate their excess food and supplies. We have a separate Rubbermaid container located next to the barrels for fuels and non-food items. We ask that the hikers police themselves and others by keeping these barrels free of spoiled or unedible foods etc. NOTE: Food placed in these barrels are for thru-hikers use only, not for the general public and contents in these barrels “are never taken and placed in the store for resale”.

Unclaimed Hiker Resupply box contents at our discretion will be placed in the Hiker Barrels or sold in the store to offset transportation, handling and storage costs . If for some reason you are unable to pick-up your box and don’t wish to have it returned to you and you would like all the contents of your unclaimed box to go into the hiker barrel, simply call us with a credit card, pay the $30.00 and we will gladly put all the contents into the Hiker barrels.

What is a Resupply Box?

A resupply box is as the name implies – a box that holds any number of items that will resupply your hike. Resupply boxes can include food, fuel, batteries, guide books, medicines, candy bars, cookies, even boots for a specific section of the trail. If you plan on self-resupply, you should send multiples resupply boxes to the many resupply points along the PCT/JMT before your trip begins.

The best resupply box is a 2.5 – 5 gallon bucket. You can purchase these for around $3-4 for the larger bucket at any hardware store – Lowes and Home Depot regularly have them at the entrance to every store. Watch for a sale, and stock up on them. They make amazingly good resupply and bounce boxes because:

  • They are incredibly sturdy.
  • The lids snap on and typically won’t fall off in transit.
  • They can double as a seat at your resupply point.
  • They hold a lot of stuff.
  • They won’t fall apart during shipping.

Mammoth Lakes & Reds Meadow:

Mammouth Lakes Info Is Below:

Mammoth Lakes is an upscale, high-elevation town at 7900ft known for its winter ski activity. It’s known as a place to eat excellent baked goods and drink great coffee. Access is easy. there is a bus from Red’s Meadow to Mammoth Lakes. Plenty of places to shop, sleep and eat.

Post Office: Hours M-F: 8-4 and Sat closed

Laundry: Aloha Sudz (in the Rite-Aid Shopping Ctr / No wifi / No attendant on duty / Comments on Far Out are not super positive.

Hollywood Soaps is 24hr laundromat near Vons supermarket. $2.50 for drying and Washing is $3 & $5 for big front loader and can sneak wifi from Microbrewery close by. Lots of outlets for charging. Carl Jr’s close by.

Another laundromat is Mammoth Lakes Laundromat.

Cinema: Next to the Vons supermarket

Resupply: Vons Supermarket & in lieu of asking for a membership card you can just punch in 888 888 8888 as your member phone number and get the discounts up to 25%. The washrooms are really nice.

Grocery Outlet has cheaper food but a smaller selection. about a 10 min walk between them.

Whole Foods also has dried split pea soup and curry lentil and refried bean flakes in bulk.

Gear: Mammoth Mountaineering – has fuel and all that you need. Good shoe selection. The staff are really helpful. They have done the Darn Tough Sock Replacement for customers. Mention you are a PCT hiker and you might get 10% off.

Kittredge Sports is up the road from Mammoth Mountaineering. Has Altra shoes.

Wifi at the M.L. Library – M-F: 10 am-7 and Sat 10 – 5:30 pm

Where to Stay:

  • Ventura Grand Inn / Free Wifi / budget friendly / Outdoor pool / $100 per night (2021) / Hiker friendly / nice TV’s /
  • Shilo Inn has hot tub, sauna and steam room / $3 coin laundry / free contential breakfast / split between 4 people was $31 each (2021)
  • Moderne Hostel – shared bathrooms / wifi / full kitchen and lounge room to use / thin walls with late night crowd / would be more comfortable at the Ventura Grand Inn / private room was $80 (2021) / next to Mammoth Brewing

Eating Out:

  • Mammoth Brewing – really good burgers / so so reviews… maybe a bit pricy for tourists /

Reds Meadow Info Below:

Info coming soon…

Tuolumne Meadows & Lee Vining:

Lee Vining:

Info coming soon


info coming

Northern Kennedy Meadows & Markleeville:

Echo Lake + South Lake Tahoe:

Soda Springs, Donner Summit & Interstate 80:

(Donner Summit) – Claire Tappaan Lodge (Ski Resort – Website)  Price is $70 (could be outdated) and includes 3 meals. No mail drop fee for guests, small fee for non‐guests. Shower free for guests, $5 for non‐guests. Non‐guests can use laundry.

Research: The ski resort before Donner Summit heard free beer at the lodge and showers and food.  (somewhere in the sugar bowl resort i guess)

I80: Interstate 80 Rest Area has vending machines.


Sierra City:

Post Office: Sierra City PO is open until 2:30p Mon‐Fri.  General Delivery is held until the end of hiker season. Add street address to General Delivery address:  215 Main Street

(verify) Red Moose Café takes UPS/FedEx mail drops: c/o Red Moose Café, 224 Main Street, Sierra City CA  96125 Red Moose open Wed‐Sun 8a‐2p.  After-hours contact:  530‐862‐1136 No laundry at Red Moose.

Sierra Country Store

Town: Sierra City, CAAddress: 213 Main St, Sierra City, CA 96125 Phone number: 530-862-1560 What it’s known for: This unassuming general store has some of the biggest burgers on trail, and amazing milkshakes. It’s a great spot to send a resupply box and eat lunch. Standout meals: The Gutbuster Burger. Any milkshake, or ice cream sundae selection is a winner too.

Bucks Lake:

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