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I love a good vlog to watch. One that captures your interest and gets you into the head of a PCT hiker who is also a good storyteller. Here is a handful of Vloggers who have a smaller amount of videos that I would like to share for you to get to know the trail a little better and also understand what this hike is about.

With the YouTube App on SmartTVs or with something like AppleTV or a FireStick. I would suggest pulling up this playlist and streaming it on a TV.

Class of 2022:

(A Couple More Will Be Added As They Drop)

  • Alexander Laffoon: (have not started yet) Really excited about this one. Loved the pre-trail video with the extra effort in the storytelling. I asked them to make a playlist.
  • April All Round: I’m actually really digging one. April’s dad hikes the first 100 miles with her and they are really funny together. April is pretty funny and for a hiker who can’t remember what day she is on after the second day is hilarious since she is only on days 3, 4, 5 and 6! LOL
  • Jen and Vince: A married couple from Canada that is going to try vlogging and has their own channels. They were on our podcast for episode 7 and we interviewed them again in town for episode 11. Looking forward to following them and touching base with them along the way. I like their vlog.
  • MannyOnTrail: All round nice dude. Enjoying this vlog. I really like that he stops to talk to hikers and also highlights businesses in town.
  • Julie Sheehan: Really like her vlog.
  • Magnet Northbound: Really like the editing and his talking has b-roll playing which is much more enjoyable. Great editing.
  • Blazin Bakers: Female hiker doing an excellent vlog.
  • Sam and Moriah: Cute little couple I found on YouTube just starting out.
  • Let’s Trek Together: New to me. Four young hikers do a good job vlogging for their demographic. They are growing on me. LOL, it’s like watching a vlog that my daughter would make if I was not with her with my Son with them. The younger you are the more you vibe with it. But I enjoy it.
  • Dirtbag Family Hikers: Mom and two kids hiking and vlogging.
  • IronsTrail: Solo guy crushing miles.
  • ScarOnTrail: New vlogger for me and enjoying his vlog.
  • LordQuiche: Englishman who is doing a good job at vlogging the trail.
  • Arielle Shipe: Solo hiker who is starting mid-April.
  • Daisy Hikes She hiked the AT and now doing the PCT.
  • Packs Trails & Vagabond Tales: Younger couple hiking and vlogging.
  • The Ginger & The Joy: Married couple Wesley and Marie Black vlogging.
  • Justin Song Short quick and easy episodes of 4-5 min each.
  • The Adventures of Crigas is a new young YouTuber for me. Young funny guy trying to document and I liked his first video trying to have a different POV.
  • Annie Nobiling – Young lady just starting off.
  • Cooking Up Adventure – Young lady just starting off.
  • Chris Nararos: Has not started yet as of beg of April.
  • Cheryl Hikes: Have not watched any of Cheryl. More talking than visuals. I just don’t have the time to watch.

PCT Class of 2021: Vloggers

(Lots to list but here is the best in my mind)

Couples/Friends: (These four are solid)

  • HRC On The PCT: A school teacher and her daughter hiking. I really enjoyed them and watched every episode.
  • Some Dude Walking: Really enjoyed this vlog overall. Simple posts. I followed as they dropped so not 100% sure if the playlist is as all the videos. (especially near the end of the hike)
  • Walking With Purpose: Young couple vlogging. Didn’t take long to like their simple style of documenting online. Avg episode is 12-20 min. 28 Episodes
  • 2 Saunterers: Couple hiking with 115 videos as this post. I think they are still editing now finished. I didn’t have time to watch them. Watched a couple of them early on.

Solo Hikers: (These four are solid)

  • Craig M Spielberg: I really liked Craig. Ran out of time, but has his banked to watch the Sierra and north to the finish for reference.
  • Keegan Leary | Great mini-doc of him travelling from Campo to the north of the Sierras.
  • BlackJackZoo: Minimalist solo hiker and enjoyed his videos last year. Simple format.
  • Chris On Tour: European who did a nice job vlogging and capturing the trail.

Hall Of Fame PCT Documentaries |

Incredible Summary & Worth The View On The Big TV Screen:


  • The Art Of Walking | by Austin Sedar | PCTClass2021 | 1hr30m | View on YouTube
  • Year Of Fire And Ice | by Dixie (Homemade Wanderlust) | PCTClass2018| 2hrs | View on YouTube
  • The Holeshoes PCT Hike | by The Holeshoes | PCTClass2015 | 2h43m | View on Youtube
  • To Measure A Mile | by Chris Carter | PCTClass2018 | 1h15m | View on YouTube
  • Journey To Be Present | by Paul Borash | PCTClass2019 | 52m | View on YouTube
  • Only The Essential | by Wild Confluence | PCTClass2015 | 40m | View on YouTube
  • Northbound | by Calvin Weibel | PCTClass2019 | 44m | View on YouTube
  • As It Happens | by Andy Laub Films | PCTClass2014 | 1h30m | View on YouTube
  • 5 Months | by Zach Rotondo | PCTClass2016 | 1h30m | View on YouTube
  • PCT Doc | by John Amorosano | PCTClass2014 | 1h30m | View on YouTube
  • Finding Brothers | by Brent Thrulow | PCTClass2019 | 1h25m | View on YouTube

Longer Films I Still Need To Watch:

  • Northbound Now | by SeanDotEarth | PCTClass2021 | 1h10m | View on YouTube
  • The Runner – David Horton’s 2700 mile run of the PCT | 1h27m | View on YouTube

HOF Shorter Films:

  • It’s The People | by Elina Osborne | PCTClass2019 | 17m | View on Youtube
  • Thru-Hiker | by Wildstray | PCTClass2019 | 22m | View on YouTube
  • A Quiet Meditation | by G.S. Rinehart | PCTClass2021 | 12m | View on YouTube
  • This Is Not A Beautiful Hiking Video | by Peter Hochhauser | PCTClass2016 | 10m | View on YouTube
  • A Summer On The Pacific Crest Trail | by Anthony Ottati | PCTClass2018 | 12m | View on YouTube
  • Dream It – Hike It | by Traildork | PCTClass2019 | 22m | View on YouTube
  • 179 Days On The PCT | by Stephanie Seitz | PCTClass2019 | 12m | View on YouTube
  • Broken Dreams 2020 Experience | by Andreas Urne | PCTClass2020 | 21m | View on YouTube
  • PCT 2021 | by Jarrett Kunze | PCTClass2021 | 11m | View on YouTube
  • PCT in 2 Second Increments | by BlackJackZoo | PCTClass2021 | 12m | View on YouTube
  • The Fellowship Of The PCT | Mr. Campts | PCTClass2021 | 12m | View on YouTube

Hall Of Fame Vlogs: More Added Shortly

(These are the videos I get friends to watch to understand the PCT)

1.) HOF – Elina Osbourne’s 2019 PCT Hike:

YouTube Playlist Link / 12 Videos that is 2 hours and 30 minutes / Average Episode is 12 minutes long. /

This is a great introduction and a great way to get you started.

She also has a great summary film at 16 minutes long and is great to watch as a trailer.

2. HOF – Kinda Nomadic’s 2021 PCT Hike

Has a Kraig Adams feel. The visuals and the sound are excellent along with the editing. Minimalistic talking… make this great to follow along. I’ve asked if he can push them all into a movie.

Here is the playlist. Enjoy!

3. HOF – The Holeshoes 2015 PCT Hike (Which they started dropping this year and are still editing as 2020 wraps up):

YouTube Playlist Link / They have been dropping videos from their 2015 hike. They filmed as they hiked but have been editing them as they reflect on their hike has made it a great series to watch. Just like PCT Panda above this. As of November 2020, they have dropped 13 videos to date. Each video averages about 7 min’s each and you need to subscribe to them and sit down and watch on your TV. My YouTube playlist gets updated with each video when it drops.

4. HOF – Dixie / Homemade Wunderlust

You can hit her 2017 PCT hike playlist here.

5. HOF – TrailDork’s 2019 PCT Nobo Thru-Hike Vlog

YouTube Playlist Link (Click here)

What PCT Vlog do you think should be in the Hall Of Fame? message us or comment on this blog post.

PCT Longer Video Series: (Mixed Years) + Solid Picks!

Darwin’s 2018 PCT Hike: YouTube Playlist Link / 20 Video’s that total 5 hours and 45 minutes. Each episode averages about 16 minutes. /

Jennifer aka The Whimsical Woman 2018 / 152 Videos / Each video is 10 – 18 minutes long / Summary, Young woman recording each day using her phone hiking and talking filling you in on how she is feeling through the ups and downs. My goal is to fully watch this series with Chantal if she gives me that time to watch the series. It’s easy to get invested and I feel that I have already watched 60 sporadically when she was posting them. / Playlist goes in order / View Here

Ben Moster’s 2018 PCT Hike: YouTube Playlist Link / 11 Videos that are roughly 22 to 26 minutes long / Break this one up into blocks of 2 or 3 and will take no time to get through this series

Carol aka Cheer (CC On The Trail) 2019 / 26 videos / Videos average 20-30 minutes / Nobo / Summary: Carol does a great job breaking down her days and also adding in photos that she took along the trail. Informative and easy to watch. / Playlist goes in order and she has other informative videos to help with your planning. / View Here

Kyle Gersman’s 2020 hike – covers 33 videos after his intro video and some gear vids. Each video is around 15 minutes long. / View Here

Mari Johnson’s 2019 hike – covers 36 videos of Mari hiking with her partner. Her videos average about 20 minutes each. / View Playlist Here

IBTat’s 2019 hike – Love him or hate him… he has a unique style and does a really good job at covering the trail. 166 videos with lots of F-Bombs for Grandma / View his Playlist here.

KarNadenla (Gulliver On Trail): 2019 Hike and I watched the desert section and liked his style. I banked him to watch the Sierras and north of that to mark things for reference.

Mary Mansfield 2019 / 181 Videos / Each Video is around 11 – 15 min’s long. / Summary: Woman from the UK hiking NOBO Solo. / Playlist on her channel goes in order / View Here

PCT Panda’s 2019 hike: YouTube Playlist Link / He has currently finished the hike and editing the videos. As of November 2020, he has 7 videos published looks like he ran out of steam and motivation on editing his footage after finishing.

More vloggers will be added and details and links added shortly.

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