Summit Mount Baden-Powell

We would love to have good weather to try and summit. This would be our second mountain along the trail.

Another Summit We Would Love To Bag: Mount Baden-Powell:

Baden-Powell is located in the San Gabriel Mountains of California. It was named for founder Robert Baden-Powell of the Scouts. It is 9,407 feet tall (2,867 meters). It’s the 4th or 5th highest in the Gabriel Mountain Range. The peak is within the Angles National Forest.

The PCT reaches the mountain being a quarter of a mile off-trail. It’s the highest point along the PCT south of the Sierra Mountains. It’s near Wrightwood. The Boy Scouts placed a marker at the summit.

Weather can get pretty icy and become dangerous and also the cold temp at that elevation. Here is a YouTube video on trying to get up on a harder day. IBTat is known for his language. Just an honest clip of trying to get up Baden Powell. We just hope to have the opportunity for this second summit along the desert section.

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