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Major expenses of the PCT will be gear, on-trail food, off-trail resupply stops with groceries, reward food & beer, and the occasional bed while we do laundry, edit, charge things, relax and catch up with family + friends online. We calculated that this hike will cost approximately $19,500 for both of us. Our gear alone will be $7,800 and our projected hiking expenses a little over $11,000. We are confident we can do this trip… this trip will happen.

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We will take the time to check with other hikers’ total costs were on their hike of the PCT to get better expectations on how much this adventure will cost.

(See our spreadsheet below and move the sides to scroll through it to see our savings, future expenses and the generosity of others supporting and trying to help us reach this goal)

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Treat us to an old fashioned breakfast in Town:

20CAD / 16USD (More Info Here)

Treat us to lunch in a Town off-trail:

$30CAD/20USD (More Info Here)

Treat Us To Cold Drinks In Town After A Long Day:

16CAD/11USD (More Info Here)

Motel/Shower/Real Bed/Power Outlets/Edit Vlog+Podcast:

100CAD/70USD (More Info Here)

Donate any amount via PayPal /Interac Email Transfer:

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May 2023: My Dad is passing out flyers around his home in Peterborough, Ontario asking if anyone wants lawn cutting.

We will also think of some ways to do some fundraising like painting, mobile car detailing, or fall family photoshoots to help raise money for our goal. This hike will happen!

We are in the process of making some T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, laptops & Waterbottle Stickers to help fundraise.

We will give some merch away as spot prizes to say thanks for supporting, subscribing, being a fan of our FB Page, etc. Stay tuned.

Become a Patron!

We have other things in mind also, that we will drop when it’s closer to the hike.

“Merch is coming!”

– says Chantal