Sweet People | Trail Angels Love To Help

They leave random goodies along the trail…

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Mary, who hiked the PCT in 2019… did a wonderful job at explaining the wonderful Trail Angels along the PCT.

They help hikers get into and out of town to resupply from the trailhead…

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They fill up water caches for thirsty hikers…

Cache 22 near the PCT crossing at Forest Road 22 (mile 1,391 on Halfmile’s maps) was located on the north end of the Hat Creek Rim. The water cache was started by Will Snyder, a Fall River school teacher, who intended to cache water for his son, who was hiking the PCT.

Will quickly realized there was a crucial need for water on the rim, one of the longest dry sections on the trail, so he continued to cache water there for several years. A thatched shade structure was built for hikers to rest and drink the bottled water. It eventually was dubbed Cache 22.

But with the waste of the plastic bottles and hauling out the trash… they decided to get a tank that they could get filled.

In May of 2017, in a joint effort between the Forest Service and Pounders Promise, we rebuilt the corral and installed a structure for a 550-gallon water tank. The tank was filled by a certified potable water truck from nearby Packway Materials in Cassel. With the water tank a reality, we disassembled the old thatched shade structure known as Cache 22 and left the area in a more natural-looking state.

The water tank now sits full and ready, waiting for thirsty hikers.

Someone pointed to the place that highlighted that you can make donations… so I captured a screenshot. For anyone who wanted to do a random act of kindness… you could send $5 bucks.

Laura from San Diego drops off water for PCT hikers.

Laura is a PCT Section Hiker and also a Trail Angel since she lives in San Diego. Laura was on our podcast in Episode 8.

Then for us personally… It’s wild when someone reaches out to us…

I was trying to be funny on my personal Twitter and I reblogged it to our PCT account. The PCT has been on my mind all day and I have my little square of paper to write down tasks to add to my Todoist. A short time later, I had a notification on my phone from a stranger asking me to drop him a line and keep in touch if we needed a ride. I sent a longer reply back and thanked him. It really touched me. I told him the hike is down the road and I sent his details to Evernote and made a note in our “starting off” notes to keep him in mind He has hiked the PCT and he told me he was hitting the trail soon in Arizona for some hiking.

Really sweet people out there trying to do little things to make a difference in someone’s life. Pay it forward.

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