The Art Of Walking | PCT Documentary | Must Watch

What a great film. Very well made with the edit, visuals, voiceover and also the music. Highly recommended to throw on the TV to watch this hike of Austin’s from his 2021 Northbound hike. Below is a cut and paste from his YouTube video.


I wanted to share my experience thru-hiking the 2,650 mile Pacific Crest Trail in 2021. I witnessed a lot of beautiful things and had some amazing stories. These are just a few I collected along the way.

Hope you enjoy!



Chapter 1 – Earning Your Legs

Chapter 2 – Family

Chapter 3 – Easy Livin’

Chapter 4 – NorCal Blues

Chapter 5 – Big Miles, Big Smiles

Chapter 6 – Sinking Deep

Chapter 7 –

Trail’s End Have any questions about my hiking gear, filmmaking gear, editing or anything else, leave a comment in the comments in the YouTube Video.

If you liked the music in this film, you can find my Spotify playlist with all the songs here:…

Find me on Instagram: @austin.seder

Music through Musicbed.

I will be posting each chapter separately to Youtube in a short while.

Happy Hiking!

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