Stumbled on YouTube this Vlog covering their 2015 PCT trek to Canada. The third episode was just released and I fell in love with the shooting style. He is at home editing it as they are expecting the birth of their daughter. I subscribed on YouTube to get notifications of all new downloads. So I’m excited to follow the trek as they drop videos. I love the narration mixed into it and I’m hoping the videos that we shoot follow this style. So when YouTube sends me a video that a new one was released… I would like to share it will my peeps, so I can watch it with my inner circle to give them an idea of what this trail would be like to hike.

You can go through their Flickr Album here. I linked Page 3 of the album since that covers the start of the PCT. I’m going to slowly go through all the images in between releases of the video since it covers day by day. This will also help me to understand the trail in my planning and will also show me how far they went each day. Makes me kind of want to bring a good camera and snap that kind of journal as a keepsake and break it down by day. (Something to think about)

PCT 2015 Vlog | Episode 1

PCT 2015 Vlog | Episode 2

PCT 2015 Vlog | Episode 3

Vlog #4:

I’m excited to get more from them. I’ll share them with you 🙂

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