The PCT Passes Of The Sierra Nevada Mountains Along With Rivers & Creeks To Cross

A swollen Tuolumne River plummets from Tuolumne Meadows into the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne

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Water levels normally peak in late-May and June. But after wet winters and cool springs, they can be delayed until (or remain elevated into) July.

On a typically warm and sunny day, the creeks rise and fall considerably. They are highest in the early evening, swollen with an entire day of melt; and lowest in the morning, after a night of near-freezing temperatures.

Ideally if there is a large river to cross and you can’t cross it after checking it out upstream (and downstream) you can camp beside it and then try and tackle it at dawn when the water would be it’s lightest since as the day goes by the melt will increase the flow and depth.

Kearsarge Pass

Northbound Passes Heading Through The Sierra:

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Evolution Lake

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