Time to get in shape!

Gyms have opened up where I live with COVID restrictions. A limited number of people inside with lots of space to work out and they make you book your workout in advance to control the numbers. Today was the first day. Started off at the gym as I will on the trail… slow and steady. Plan to go every other day. On top of that, I’m tracking everything I put in my mouth on the “Lose It App“.

Start Date: July 13th

In the process of measuring my body to see the changes over time. I’ll weight myself every two weeks and maybe measure my body every quarter. I’ll also plan to be more active with playing some basketball outside at the courts and also get on the tennis court with some friends. I bought a road-bike that I can also get on and pedal around town for exercise.

Right now, eating is the hardest to curb. So adding more nutrition to fuel my body is key and meal planning is important for me to make it easy. While working at home helps since I don’t have outside influences of spending money walking downtown on my breaks and lunches… I’m excited to save money and eat healthier.

My overall goal is like my Tumblr. Life forever and die in the attempt! 😉

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