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We are new to making podcasts and we have not even started yet. We are using the App on our phones to make them. Our goal is to do produce and publish some PCT podcasts to try and dig down to see how scared we are compared to how excited we are.

It’s a journey. So why not document the journey.

We have no idea what hiking in one direction for months towards Canada is going to be like and if we are mentally and physically up for the challenge.

Stay tuned!

Dan & Chantal

P.S. If you listen to our trailer or podcast… on the Anchor website/app please use the message button and give us honest feedback, ask us questions and tell us what you want to hear!

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Individual Episodes

  • Season 1 / Episode 1 / Trailer: Does She Even Know? / Released: 26APR20 / Duration: 1:57 min / Listen
  • Season 1 / Episode 1B / Trailer: Does He Even Know? / Released: 02MAY20 / Duration: 1:58 min / Listen
  • Season 1 / Episode 2 / Welcome & What’s This All About / Coming Soon

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