Treat Us To A Motel Room With A Real Bed

Buy us a night in a Motel in a Trail-Town to shower, rest in a real bed, divvy up groceries into meals to repack for the next segment.

Oh my goodness… would you? When we have a zero in a trail town… it doesn’t mean we will stay in a hostel or a motel. We probably will be camping in our tent on the outskirts of town and we will spend time in town charging power-banks, laundry, grocery shopping, eating a restaurant meal. Sometimes the people you meet on trail split a room so four of us will sleep in two double beds and it’s cheaper. Anyone who does this for us.. we will be saying your name quietly all night in our sleep. If anyone does it in advance… you will find your name below. When we plan the trip out more we might think of the best places to take a zero so we can get things done when off-trail… that you will find here.

$100CAD / $70USD: -> Use PayPal below:

A room will allow us to have a long much-needed shower and also wash our clothes to make them smell a little fresher.

We will also be able to record a podcast episode and upload it. (After we eat a pizza due to hiker hunger). I will be editing a vlog while everything charges up

Treat us to an old fashioned breakfast:

20CAD / 16USD (More Info Here)

Treat us to lunch in a Town off-trail:

$30CAD/20USD (More Info Here)

Treat Us To Cold Drinks In Town After A Long Day:

16CAD/11USD (More Info Here)

Motel/Shower/Real Bed/Power Outlets/Edit Vlog+Podcast:

100CAD/70USD (More Info Here)

Donate any amount via PayPal /Interac Email Transfer:

(More Info Here)

Become a Patreon of Us:

(More Info Here on our Patreon Page)

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  1. What an amazing adventure!! Good luck on your travels you are going to have the best time! Can’t wait to follow along. Love & Light Jennie

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