Treat Us To Lunch In A Trail Town

Would you like to support us by taking us out for a meal off-trail? That would be kind of you and so so much appreciated. We are vlogging our trip so in our video we will mention you and show you what we ordered. For the people that buy it in advance of our trip, we will enter your name and the amount at the bottom of this page showing you what known trail town we will stop in to resupply, rest and run errands. More information about what our day will look like in a trail town, you can check out this page.

30CAD / 20USD: -> Use PayPal below:

Treat us to an old fashioned breakfast:

20CAD / 16USD (More Info Here)

Treat us to lunch in a Town off-trail:

$30CAD/20USD (More Info Here)

Treat Us To Cold Drinks In Town After A Long Day:

16CAD/11USD (More Info Here)

Motel/Shower/Real Bed/Power Outlets/Edit Vlog+Podcast:

100CAD/70USD (More Info Here)

Donate any amount via PayPal /Interac Email Transfer:

(More Info Here)

Become a Patreon of Us:

(More Info Here on our Patreon Page)

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