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What’s coming up in the short-term:

  • Work on our Trail Notes for the NorCal section and finish the Sierras.
  • Work on Dan’s health and eating. Walking, Yoga & Working Out. (See down below to see how much weight I’m down)
  • Do a rough calculation on a spreadsheet on how long will the trail take us and how many town Zero’s and Nero’s we will have. Use this data to calculate how much trail expenses we will have on the trail to help calculate how much money we will need
  • Update tasks to complete later in Todoist. Make notes of things to research + read. Keep feeding things into our shared Evernote

Health & Fitness: (Mostly Dan vs. Chantal)

Dan’s Weight Loss:

Click here for more data metrics on Dan

Misc Prep/Future Blog Posts (The Parking Lot):

This is a little side list of things that we want to research and also blog about. We will add links to the blogposts once we write them after our preparation research.
  • Physical vs. Mental when hiking a Thru-Hike
  • Listing and documenting “the why” we are hiking the PCT
  • What we are scared about at this point.
  • Creating a Podcast and Podcasting from the Trail
  • Fundraising and saving for the hike
  • Gear Selection for us / Ultralight / Value vs. Cost / Necessary vs Luxury Items
  • Local prep hikes we want to do to test gear
  • Eating on the trail: How we differ between Chantal and me
  • Town Days: The errands, resupply, shower, laundry, eat, charge things, catch up with family/friends, edit and post our travel diaries
  • Creating a vlog and vlogging our trek
  • Podcast & Vlog Soundtrack
  • Learn about the insides of social media & share with an audience
  • Gear Reviews
  • Side PCT challenges & tasks we want to accomplish while hiking the PCT
  • Preventing injury on the trail and body maintenance

More to be filled out as we make notes on things that sparks ideas to bookmark.

Docs + Vlogs Watched:

  • Medium Length Doc: Only The Essentials | YouTube Link | Lenght: 40min / Notes: Excellent and Chantal loved this one and it’s one of the OG videos that hooked me.
  • Short Film: Pacific Crest Trail – A Walk Across The United States | https://vimeo.com/202852204 | Length: 5min / Notes: Great little film to introduce Chantal to the thru-hike.
  • Short Film: It’s The People | YouTube Link | Notes: Excellent + more on this Filmmaker, Elina will be below
  • Short Film on The Trek’s YouTube called “Watch This Before You Decide To Thru-Hike” by Zach Davis | Length: 5min / Notes: Wanted to show Chantal that it’s not just for the gram and it’s hard mentally & physically.
  • Short Film: This Is Not A Beautiful Hiking Video | Length: 10min | https://vimeo.com/215057194 / Notes: Excellent little film was one of the ones that hooked me to the PCT.
  • PCT Vlog: Elina Osborne AKA Tip-Tap| Her YouTube Channel | We watched her film called “It Is The People” which is the first thing we watched together. I think Chantal could see the PCT as a big Instagram-sponsored hike. So we then broke it down by watching the Vlog episodes she filmed on her 2019 PCT hike in 137 days. | The Trek Interview: Link |
  • The Holeshoes 2015 PCT Hike & TrailDork’s 2019 Hike
  • PCT Vlog Mari Johnston AKA Taco Salad was next on our playlist and we started watching her 20ish vlogs she posted. Catch her YouTube Vlogs here to watch. She is editing them as of April 2020 so we will start another set of Vlogs and come back to them as they drop. Mari has made some PCT Prep videos so we will watch them later and add them to our private playlist.

V V V Currently watching now V V V

None at this point in time. This winter we will.