VVR Ferry Trail to Reds Meadow (Shuttle to Mammoth) (906.7mi marker) | Leg 18 | Sec H


The total Section H is from Crabtree Meadows (765 mile marker) to Hwy 120 (Tuolumne Meadows) (942 mile marker) which is a total of 177 miles for Section H.

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Mileage Markers / Elevation:


  • We will plan to tackle this next leg in 2-3 days.
  • We will rise up and have some tough river corossings on the way to go over Silver Pass and Goddall Pass and then head down into Cascade Valley. Our goal is 15 miles the first day. Day two will be heading down towards Red’s Meadow where we can get off trail and head to Mammoth Lakes which is 14 miles NE to resupply.
  • If we make it in two days… great… if not… we can take 3 days.

Towns/Points Of Interest: Click here to view Resupply, Food, Places To Sleep & Info for Lone Pine, Independence, Bishop, Mammoth Lakes, Lee Vining and other resupply points for the Sierra’s

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