When We Are Finished The Trail | Vancouver, BC +Banff, AB

When we have finished the trail, we will grab a bus from Manning Park in British Columbia and head west to Vancouver where we will fly home. But, what would be the rush?

Before we do… it would be nice to be cleaned up “dirtbags” and explore Vancouver since Chantal has not seen it. I was out there in 1998 for my wedding honeymoon and it’s a beautiful city. A fellow co-worker from Lufthansa lives in Vancouver doing Social Media Marketing for a neat little company and it would be great to see her. I follow her Vancouver Life IG on Instagram. It would be great to see Cara.

Also another friend lives in British Columbia and it would be great to see Teri who sent a message that we should meet up.

But what if we rented a car?

We could go to check out a quick trip to Seattle
We could go to Victoria and see if Michelle can show us around the Lighthouse she lives and works out of.
We could drive in the Mountains and go see Banff. (Even if we just walked through 6 months of mountains)
Might as well make that a loop and go see Banff and up to Jasper and back around to Whistler and back to Vancouver.

We will have our camping gear and look for stealth places to camp so it would only be some food and the cost of renting a car and some gas. I’m sure we could borrow a cooler from someone Cara knows. Then we would fly home back to Toronto from Vancouver and this epic trip would come to an end.

Then it’s time to save for another trip to take with my Son, Noah two years later and travel across Canada and down into the West Coast via a Van for a couple of months for a stealth road trip that is very slow to explore what’s around us each day.

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